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Hope: [hohp] verb to place trust; rely (usually followed by in). To look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence. To believe, desire, or trust.

Everyone does it. Its inside us all, doesn’t matter what your religion, gender, age, IQ, or even if you're human. Everyone has hoped for something. To hope in something is the basic unit for believing. One hopes for it to rain…but do they really know who they are putting their hope in. If you hope (and we all do) then you believe (in something unknown and greater than yourself) and if you believe then you trust (in that something) and if you trust then you have Faith. If we hope then how can we say we have no faith?

To hope (as we all do) means we believe in something greater than ourselves, sadly not all of us realize it.

Ever wonder if anyone is listening to your prayers, why bad things happen to good people, if there really are angels or a God? Have a look around this site and you will find the answers. "Seek and you shall find" I did and I'd like to share with you what I found and much more.  

NOTE: To believe one thing on Salt is to believe it all, as they are all connected.

FBI Report Finally Released, What foods cause cancer, And much more. Read the articles that are rarely seen by main stream media. Seek the truth no more it's all here on the News page! (See the News page for articles)


Religion: a common group that believes in good and does good, freely.

Cult: a common group that believes in Evil and does evil, with force

A brief look at some religions (not all but the world's majority)

To believe in Jesus; The belief that Jesus Christ (the son of God) died for our sins, and became Our Lord for the good of humanity (No harm in that).

Judaism: The belief that Moses was give 10 commandments verbally and written by God for people to obey until he returns. They follow the Hebrew Bible to give them wisdom of life and death (Nothing wrong with this one either).

Muslim: To believe that God is one, and the purpose of life is to worship God. A religion with many prophets of God (including Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad, known as the last prophet of God.) They look to the Qur'an for guidance and wisdom from God. (This is a religion not a terrorist group. To believe one thing does not make one a terrorist, to act out in hate is a terrorist. A religion is a common group that believes in good and does good. A Cult is a common group that believes in Evil and does evil. Just because one believes in the Devil does not make them one.)

Buddhism: The belief in Buddha "The awaken one" a spiritual teacher that taught people of wisdom, strength, life, death, and karma (To believe in Buddha teachers one to believe in the goodness of life, that is beautiful and there is nothing wrong with it).

Agnostic: To believe that no one can ever know or understand what God is completely, though they still believe. Note: this does not mean that you don't know what you believe, it means you believe no one can fully know the makings of God completely (Doesn't sound at all false, maybe we are blocked from knowing the workings of God, but that doesn't have to stop us from believing). 

Atheist: Some people claim to Atheist, because they are unsure or angry with God. That's fine but that isn't what Atheist is. Atheist means you don't believe in a God; no creator, no man upstairs just humans. These people believe that nothing happens when you die (you are just in a box). They believe in living life for the here and now.  Most struggle with this concept, feeling if there is no after life then whats the point in going on. These people have a higher chance of depression than any other religious group. They believe everything that happens in life is random chance, nothing has reason or from a higher power. (Human-beings are the highest power) Though some struggle with this concept (whether it is true or not) their main idea is to live for today, and leave behind a legacy. Live, because tomorrow isn't promise today. Even if you believe in God or a higher power that it's not a bad concept.

What is not a religion: Any group of people who claim to be a religion and does not practice or preach good is not a religion. Those who preach good and do evil are also not a religion (they do not practice what they preach, they would be hypocrites).

Don't know what to believe?  Do some research, read, talk to people, open your mind and heart. Don't think you know better search for the real answers (not what you think the answers are). If someone asks you what you believe tell them you believe in finding the truth.

Seek the Truth, and you'll find it. (I promise)

Millions of people all over the world (myself included) searched for the truth and found it. You are no different, keep asking and searching for the truth and eventually it will find you.



Who are you, what makes you happy, and where are you going? Find out the real you by getting deep inside yourself. Try this simple exercise and you’ll begin to find out who you really are.

Take something you love. For example Music, then from that write three reasons why you love music. Then from the three reasons you wrote why you love music write three more reasons for each one of those reasons. See the example below. Notice how its Fun has three reasons why it's fun following it. It’s Beautiful and it’s Creative should also have three reasons why it's beautiful and creative following it and three from each one of them and so on. Some you can dance to will have three reasons why you can dance to some music following it. Keep going until you find the truth about yourself. You’ll know when you’re done because you’ll hit the ultimate answer. Amazing things will be revealed about yourself you never knew.

Keep in mind this might take some time and you might even have to try it over and over. It's an exercise that's helps one go deep inside themselves. Give it a try, you might learn something new about yourself. 





No one can hurt you  if you truly know yourself.

For example: Someone says your fat. You either already know it because you know yourself or you are hurt because you didn't know it or you believe what they say is not true (but if you know it's not true it shouldn't hurt you. There are no surprises if you truly now yourself.


There are some people who take a vow to always tell the truth. I didn’t take a vow of honesty but I decided to always tell the truth, too. I’ve learned you never have to lie. Honesty makes you proud and more confident in yourself and people respect you more because they know you’ll tell them the truth. I’m not saying I was a pathological liar or that it’s easy. It might be hard to tell someone something that will hurt them; especially if it’s someone you love, but all the more reason to tell them the truth.

Don’t lie to yourself. You can deny it or hide it all you want, but you’re only hurting yourself. “Last drink I swear.” (Last drink number 87…) “No one loves me.” (Biggest lie told to one's self) “I’d never let my kids start smoking like I do.” (Hypocrites) “What my wife doesn’t know can’t hurt her.”(Some people have cancer and don’t know it, does that not hurt them?) “I have to sell drugs it’s the only way to make money.” (Funny, many people don’t sell drugs and they do just fine)

The reason people lie is because they are ashamed. One can never be ashamed if they don’t do anything to be ashamed of. 

Try never telling a lie you'll love how it makes you feel, how it makes you look, and the respect you’ll get from it.   

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